Name Title Location Phone Number Email
Alexa Bakalarski Program Coordinator, Professional Institute Room 707A, IS Building 412-383-0862 Email
Mackenzie Ball Director of Outreach and Alumni Engagement 5815 Sennott Square 412-624-8422 Email
Brandi L Belleau Director of Academic Records Room 504, IS Building 412-648-3108 Email
Emily Bennett Manager of Experiential Learning   412-383-0395 Email
Sharon Bindas Senior Director of Business Administration Room 513, IS Building 412-624-5129 Email
Danielle Adrianna Bonatesta Undergraduate Academic Advisor Room 510, IS Building 412-383-2280 Email
Donald Bonidie Senior Director of Financial Administration     Email
Delilah Bourque Temporary Research Communications Specialist, CS 6119 Sennott Square   Email
Elly Bresz Research Administration Manager     Email
Kristin Bushman Software Developer for the ADMT Lab 6412 Sennott Square 412-624-8850 Email
Larissa Ciuca Director of Student Success   412-383-7160 Email
Kayla Christmann Temporary Advising and Student Success Specialist     Email
Heidi Davis Assistant to the Chair, CS 6133 Sennott Square 412-624-8493 Email
Debbie Day Program Administrator, ICDS Room 605D, IS Building 412-624-9420 Email
Elizabeth Defide Human Resources Specialist   412-383-0971 Email
Jennifer Gentzel Undergraduate Academic Advisor   412-383-0363 Email
Adam C. Hobaugh Tech Coordinator 6211 Sennott Square 412-624-8835 Email
Robert B. Hoffman Director of Operations 6205 Sennott Square 412-624-8404 Email
Corey James Financial Aid Coordinator Room 520, IS Building 412-624-9388 Email
Ninette Kay Admissions Coordinator Room 506, IS Building 412-624-5146 Email
Sung-Min Kim Database Systems Administrator Room 603, IS Building 412-383-8091 Email
Sasha Kotarski Digital Communications Specialist 6127 Sennott Square   Email
Jeff Lawson Director of Community and Resource Development Room 509, IS Building 412-648-9739 Email
Matheus de Lima Barbosa Systems Administrator 6309 Sennott Square 412-624-8834 Email
Tomek Loboda Research Software Engineer     Email
Wesley Lipschultz Senior Director of Student and Academic Affairs Room 503, IS Building 412-624-9749 Email
Kevin Loya Senior Pre-Award Research Administrator     Email
Patrick Martyn Academic Records Specialist   412-624-0338 Email
Danielle Minyo Recruiting and Admissions Specialist   412-383-2296 Email
Trudy Newring Evans Budget & Payroll Specialist Room 517, IS Building 412-624-5239 Email
Rachel Parkes Director of Advising Room 720B, IS Building 412-383-0646 Email
Kristine Pugliese Undergraduate Academic Advisor Room 505, IS Building 412-383-2290 Email
Oana Nicola-Stephan Executive Assistant to the Dean Room 516, IS Building 412-383-0657 Email
Shabana Reza Enrollment Manager Room 510, IS Building 412-624-3988 Email
Julianna Rohac Undergraduate Recruitment Specialist     Email
Jace Schivins Systems Analyst Room 801, IS Building 412-624-7374 Email
Kelly Shaffer Department Manager, DINS Room 717, IS Building 412-624-9473 Email
Olena Sherbinin Data Architect Room 512, IS Building 412-624-9451 Email
Don Shields Associate Dean for External Relations 5401 Sennott Square 412-624-8120 Email
Heather Springel Budget and Finance Manager     Email
Mark Steggert Manager, Information Technology & Networking Room 811, IS Building 412-624-5168 Email
Terri Taylor Director of Development 123 Park Plaza 412-383-4517 Email
Michele L. Thomas ISP Coordinator 6129 Sennott Square 412-624-5755 Email
Keena M. Walker Department and Graduate Support Administrator 6117 Sennott Square 412-624-8495 Email
Heather Walsh Temporary Data Entry Specialist     Email
Jennifer Welton Director of Corporate Relations 5111 Sennott Square 412-624-8415 Email