Experiential Learning

Learning by doing

The School of Computing and Information is committed to providing exciting and challenging real-life opportunities for students to apply the skills, methodologies, and cutting-edge concepts learned in the classroom.

The Benefits of Experiential Learning

Experiential learning opportunities enhance creative problem-solving skills, teach students how to interact with subject matter experts, and reinforces the power of collaboration. Learn more about the benefits of experiential learning here

Types of Opportunities

Whether it’s interning for credit, or making an impact in the community, SCI students are participating in several types of experiential learning opportunities during their time at the university.

Experiential Learning Courses

Earning credit is just another benefit of pursuing an experiential learning opportunity, and SCI has several for-credit options available for students enrolled in their degree programs.  

Career Resources

It’s one thing to want to experience an out of the classroom activity, but it’s another to be a competitive applicant and excel in one. SCI has tailored resources available that will allow students to do just that.