Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I go for individual career assistance?

SCI students have access to a Career Consultant through the Career Center whom they can meet with to discuss career options, the internship and job search (including resume reviews, mock interviews, and creating a targeted search), LinkedIn, salary negotiation skills, and more.

To make the most of your appointment, check out the tailored self-guided SCI Career Resources available here first. There's advice on resumes (including templates), interviewing, gaining experience, building connections, and more! The Career Center also has resources dedicated to various career communities and affinity groups here.

In addition, there's alumni who are willing to provide career advice to current students via Pitt Commons and there's numerous opportunities to engage with former students, as well as technical professionals, at career-related events and programming held throughout the school year.

Where can I look for internships, co-ops, or jobs?

In addition to Handshake, be sure to search for opportunities on SCI’s internal opportunities board. It features relevant technical opportunities, several of which are exclusive to select schools, like Pitt! There’s a handout located in the Gaining Experience section of the website here that includes additional places to search for opportunities, as well as resources to help you prepare. The process involves so much more than applying to opportunities online and waiting to hear back, so please consider meeting with your Career Consultant to create a targeted and efficient search.

How can I earn credit for an internship or other experiential learning opportunity?

Many of the departments within SCI offer experiential learning courses so students can earn credit for internships, practicum, and co-op opportunities. Please refer to this page to learn more about the process to enroll in one and to be aware of important application deadlines. Be sure to discuss your plans with your academic advisor and how they might impact your degree progress before searching for opportunities.

The Manager of Experiential Learning can also provide assistance and hosts experiential learning workshops and provides newsletter updates on a monthly basis. Check out relevant resources here.

Does the school have any industry connections?

While many of the faculty, staff, and alumni have valuable industry connections, they are encouraged to promote any opportunities within the SCI Opportunities Board, as well as on Handshake to create an equitable experience for all students.

There are many opportunities for students to network with relevant industry connections during events hosted by the school and Career Center and to be mentored on Pitt Commons or in a structured mentoring program. 

How can I potentially study abroad and/or participate in an international work experience?

The Global Experiences Office hosts a variety of study abroad programs that are semester based. For students who are looking for more short-term experiences abroad, there’s an Alternative Spring Break trip each spring, as well as a Global Hub that can provide advising regarding globally focused minors, certificates, internships, and more.

Are there any technical-based volunteer opportunities for SCI students?

SCI has established several key partnerships to assist students in utilizing their technical skills while making an impact on society. Locally, students are matched with organizations in need of technical assistance in the iServe program offered in conjunction with the Office of PittServes, as well as providing community driven programming and expertise to the Community Engagement Centers located in the Hill District and Homewood.

Internationally, students can complete technical skills-based service-learning projects in Ecuador during alternative spring break, with other locations being scouted for future breaks. For more information, please visit the Experiential Learning page here.

Students interested in technical skills-based volunteer opportunities and programs within the Pitt and Pittsburgh community should complete this volunteer form each semester. They will be notified as relevant opportunities and programs are announced.

Where can I request work authorization for an employment opportunity since I’m here on a visa?

Any international student looking to intern, co-op, or work off-campus in any capacity, must request the appropriate work authorization prior to the start of the experience. They should understand the policies listed on the SCI CPT guide, research the relevant experiential learning course, and speak to their advisor before searching for opportunities. Students must be enrolled in a relevant experiential learning course at the same time they are working off-campus, no exceptions.

Please visit the Office of International Services to begin your request and be sure to list in the advisor section, so the appropriate person can complete the request. Feel free to reach out to your Immigration Specialist, Jean Wenner if you have any follow-up questions.

Faculty & Staff

How can I request a career related presentation or workshop for my class?

Please email the Manager of Experiential Learning to request a career-related presentation or workshop. They will coordinate with other staff and potentially industry partners to provide the most relevant experience for the class.

Where should I send students for more information regarding experiential learning courses and the process to enroll?

There is a dedicated experiential learning course page located here, that provides information regarding the process to enroll, as well as important application deadlines.


How can I promote opportunities to SCI students?

There are multiple channels to promote opportunities to students, starting with SCI’s internal job board located here. There is an option to sign-in, but please disregard. Opportunities you’d like to promote to SCI students, as well as other majors can be posted on Handshake, Pitt’s job and internship platform. For more information on setting up a Handshake account, please visit the Career Center’s website here.

How can I learn more about the SCI Corporate Partnership program?

SCI’s Director of Corporate Relations would love to speak with you regarding the corporate partnership program. Various levels of engagement exist, which can be discussed in a 1:1 meeting.


How long do I have access to Handshake and other Pitt related platforms after I graduate?

Both Handshake and Pitt Commons can be accessed after graduation. Pitt Commons allows you to update your Pitt credentials to a personal email account directly on their site, however, you’ll need to reach out to the Career Center to update your email address with Handshake. 

How can I get more involved as an alum?

Graduates of SCI have opportunities to engage with current students through Pitt Commons, in structured mentoring programs within the school and Alumni-in-Residence programs hosted through the Career Center. Check out the Life After Pitt page here for more information. If you’d like to be involved by making a financial contribution or gift, please reach out to SCI’s Director of Development.

Additional Questions

Do you have a career related question that hasn’t been answered above? Please contact Emily Bennett, Manager of Experiential Learning at