Student Success Workshops

No matter the area of life, success depends on both working hard and working smartly.

As is true in other fields, success in academia requires the development of particular skills that improve one’s effectiveness and efficiency. Working hard at college studies is futile if you are not making the most of your learning and study time.

Student Lingo Workshops

Student Lingo is a series of online student success video workshops available to all School of Computing and Information students. The workshops provide information and resources on topics critical to student success, are designed and delivered by national student success experts, and can help any School of Computing and Information (SCI) student enhance academic success, personal well-being and make the most of the college experience. 

These interactive online Student Success workshops that are available at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days per week as a supplement to our in-person support services, like learning skills assessment, academic coaching, and peer tutoring. Available topics include:

  • What it Takes to be a Successful Student
  • Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Other Key to Academic Success
  • How Your Personality Style May Impact Your Academic Success
  • Setting & Accomplishing Realistic Goals
  • How to Achieve Well-Being, Balance & Stress
  • Time Management Strategies for Success
  • How to Reduce Test Anxiety
  • Overcoming Procrastination Causes & Cures
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Handling Failure In & out of the Classroom

How to Access

Access is absolutely free to any undergraduate or graduate SCI student. Begin by visiting the Student Lingo site below and creating an account. Just enter your Pitt email, create a password, and you will have access to the twelve online video workshops selected to support you.

Visit Student Lingo

Succeed at Pitt Tool Kit

Doing well in college means staying engaged, staying focused, and staying motivated.  The Succeed at Pitt Toolkit is an in-person training experience that will walk you through 5 essential non-cognitive skills for success in college. Through this interactive workshop, you will learn about the specific strategies empirically proven to predict better student outcomes, giving you the competitive advantage you need to succeed in college.

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