Academic Advising Center

In SCI, you will be assigned to a full time, primary role academic advisor with whom you will work during your entire time as an undergraduate in our school. The relationship you build with your academic advisor will be integral to your intellectual, personal and professional growth. Academic advisors will help you to make informed educational choices regarding course selection as well as co-curricular and experiential education opportunities.

By working with an academic advisor, you will learn about:

  • Why the classes for your major and gen eds are required
  • How to develop a comprehensive, cohesive, educational plan, which includes planning ahead and choosing classes and activities to help you enjoy and make the most out of your education
  • The purposes of higher education
  • The missions and values of SCI and the University of Pittsburgh
  • The concept of polymathy
  • How you like, what you are good at, and what is important to you matters in the choices you make

All students at the University of Pittsburgh are required to meet with their academic advisors at least once per semester, but, in SCI, we encourage you to meet with us more often.

Summer Drop-in Advising Hours

Students enrolled in Pitt schools other than SCI may use this link to connect with an SCI advisor on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:00-3:00PM Eastern time. Note, you must authenticate your Pitt account to join the meeting. Students may also email quick questions to

Current SCI students should reach out to their assigned advisor regarding their drop-in hours. You can find your advisor assignment in your Student Center.

SCI Undergraduate Peer Advisors

An SCI Peer Advisor will also host drop-in hours for both SCI and non-SCI Pitt students throughout Summer 2021. Students may utilize these hours to get help with advising questions, course recommendations, getting connected with campus resources, and support in making informed educational decisions.

Summer Peer Advisor information is available below. Drop in hours are hosted at this link.

SCI Undergraduate Peer Advisor Bio Drop-In Hours
Max Niederer Hello! My name is Max Niederer, and I'm a junior Computer Science major in SCI. I'm from a small suburban area south of Philadelphia here in PA, and, ever since coming to Pitt in 2018, I've fallen in love with the city! As for clubs and extracurriculars, I'm a member of Pitt RollPlayers (Dungeons and Dragons club) and play tabletop games with my friends frequently. I'm interested in all kinds of media that tell stories: I've recently been getting into anime and manga, I love story-driven video games, and I've been trying to get more into watching movies. Throughout this pandemic, I've been doing digital art, listening to a lot of music, and baking a ton. I'm excited to be a Peer Advisor and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Mondays: 2 – 5 PM


SCI Peer Advisors can: 

  1. Help you to explore how your interests fit in with the degree programs offered by SCI (Computer Science, Information Science, Digital Narrative and Interactive Design, Computational Biology) 
  2. Provide recommendations or advice on classes within the IS/CS/DNID/Comp Bio curriculum 
  3. Assist you with navigating PeopleSoft (e.g. class scheduling, requesting transcripts, accessing your advising report, etc.)  
  4. Help you identify resources to best address your needs (e.g. Math Assistance Center, Writing Center, CS Resource Center, Study Lab, Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Catalog, and more)  
  5. Support you in making informed decisions about your degree path and experience at Pitt  
  6. Help you to prepare for your advising appointment  


SCI Peer Advisors cannot:  

  1. Lift your advising hold/replace your advising appointment  
  2. Tutor you on any course content  
  3. Schedule your classes for you  
  4. Provide permission codes or change your position on a waitlist


We envision academic advising as a relationship with shared responsibilities. Learn what you can expect.

General Education Requirements

Learn more about general education requirements for the School of Computing and Information.


All SCI Students are required to take placement assessments prior to the beginning of their first term at Pitt. These assessments are used to help you and your academic advisor understand your preparation for college-level courses.