Who to Contact

General Student Inquiries

Contact us with any general questions you have at sciadmit@pitt.edu.

Prospective Students

Undergraduate Recruiting

Anna Rohac is the SCI undergraduate recruitment representative who works with prospective SCI undergraduates. She answers questions about Pitt/SCI for prospective students as well as questions regarding undergraduate and transfer admission to SCI. She also hosts presentations and individual meetings for any and all interested prospective SCI undergraduates, whether they are coming from other colleges and university or other schools within Pitt.

Please email Anna (jer187@pitt.edu) directly for more information, view her calendar to find times available to virtually meet, or sign up for a virtual visit to campus.

Graduate Recruiting

Shabana Reza is the SCI graduate recruitment representative who works with prospective SCI graduate students. She answers questions about Pitt/SCI for prospective students through presentations, emails, and one-on-one meetings.

Please email Shabana (shabana.reza@pitt.edu) directly for more information or to set up an individual virtual appointment with her or attend a weekly online session with her on Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Advising

The Academic Advising Center will help you to make informed educational choices regarding course selection as well as co-curricular and experiential education opportunities. By working with an academic advisor, you will learn about the structure, mission, and values of the school and develop a comprehensive plan that will help you make the most out of your education.

Students are encouraged to reach out to their assigned advisor (SCI staff directory). Students with general inquiries, or who are enrolled in other Pitt schools, may contact sciadvising@pitt.edu.

All appointments made with academic advisors at this time take place via Zoom.

Spring Walk-In Advising Hours

Students enrolled in other schools at the University of Pittsburgh may use this link to connect with an SCI advisor Monday-Thursday from 2:00-3:00PM Eastern time. Note, you must authenticate your Pitt account to join the meeting.

Current SCI students should reach out to their assigned advisor regarding their drop-in hours.

Graduate Advising

Graduate students meet with the faculty advisors for advising. Contact information for all faculty can be found in the SCI faculty directory. If you do not know who your faculty advisor is, do not have a faculty advisor, or have a general question, you can contact a representative of your department as indicated below:

  • Department of Computer Science – Keena Walker (keena@cs.pitt.edu)
  • Department of Informatics and Networked Systems – Kelly Shaffer (kis9@pitt.edu)
  • Department of Information Culture and Data Stewardship – Elizabeth Mahoney (etm@pitt.edu)
  • Intelligent Systems Program – Michelle Thomas (paum4@pitt.edu)

Experiential Learning

Through our experiential learning opportunities, students gain real-life opportunities for students to apply the skills, methodologies, and cutting-edge concepts learned in the classroom.  These experiences include everything from credit bearing experiences (co-op/internships) to community engagement opportunities and international study programs.

Please contact Jeff Lawson (jrlawson@pitt.edu), SCI’s director of community and resource development, with any questions about experiential learning opportunities and programming.

Student Success

SCI’s Student Success staff help students identify and build new skills, develop their strengths, overcome challenges, and take advantage of opportunities to make their Pitt experience exceptional. To do that, we partner directly with students across SCI (from first-year students to doctoral students) to address individual needs and provide them with academic guidance, support and developmental instruction.

Contact Director of Student Success Larissa Cuica (lbc17@pitt.edu) to learn more or make virtual appointments via Navigate Student.

Academic Records

The SCI Records Office manages many academic processes, policies, and records crucial to SCI undergraduate, master’s and PhD students. Graduation applications, registration forms, permission codes, and many other student records are processed here.

Please contact scirecords@pitt.edu for all inquiries related to Academic Records.

If you have a range of questions you would like to discuss, please schedule a meeting during our office hours.
*Office hours will not be held during University holidays and closures.

Click on this link to schedule a meeting.

Academic Integrity

Our student and faculty obligations are outlined in our academic integrity policy. We encourage all students to review this policy to ensure they successfully meet our academic requirements.

Contact Senior Director of Student and Academic Affairs Wesley Lipschultz (wpl4@pitt.edu)

Ombudsperson and Advocacy Issues

The ombudsperson assists graduate students and postdocs with resolving conflicts and issues that arise in the course of their education and training that they believe have not or cannot be addressed within their academic department. The ombudsperson can help mediate conflicts and provides information about institutional policies related to the student’s issues, including the University’s grievance procedures.

Contact Senior Director of Student and Academic Affairs Wesley Lipschultz (wpl4@pitt.edu)