Faculty Spotlight

At SCI, we are studying the applications of computing and technology in a variety of domains—from education and health care to industry and government. Read more about the exciting and impactful work our faculty and students are doing.

Dr. Jacob Biehl Is Building Systems That Reshape Space

Two guiding principles - considering technical rigor and user experience - shape how Biehl builds systems and approaches projects. 

Dr. Erin Walker Is Studying How AI Can Enhance Collaborative Learning

Walker’s work examines how “intelligent support and other intelligent technologies can support student learning, with a particular emphasis on social learning.”

How to anticipate hiccups in health care

Dmitriy Babichenko aims to alleviate the burden on medical providers.

Preserving a shared digital memory

Chelsea Gunn sustains digital presences.

Holding information technologies accountable and addressing misinformation on the web

Yu-Ru Lin takes a computational social science approach to social media.

More than an afterthought: Dr. Ibrahim shows students the necessity of cybersecurity

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim teaches his students to think like an adversary.

Dr. Angela Stewart Is Reframing What Classroom Engagement Looks Like

Stewart’s research focuses on “how we can flexibly model social and cognitive phenomena in learners, in order to account for the diversity of ways that they show up in learning spaces.”

Dr. Morgan Frank Is Studying How New Technology Is Shaping the Future of Work

Dr. Morgan Frank, an assistant professor in the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems, wants to understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing what work will look like in the future.

Dr. Kaushik Seshadreesan Is Building Quantum Information Technologies

The goal of Seshadreesan's research is “to develop quantum information technologies and connect them over a robust quantum internet for applications with deep societal impact.”

Dr. Na Du Wants to Develop Human-Centered Intelligent Systems

Dr. Na Du, an assistant professor in the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems, is trying to develop a better understanding of how humans interact with autonomous machines.

Dr. Pengfei Zhou is Building Technology for Daily Life

Zhou's research concerns how to “explore physics and the environment around you” and “build on top of networked devices,” in order to construct “human-centered applications.”