Student Profiles

SCI students come from all walks of life and engage in a wide range of studies, from telecommunications policy to cybersecurity to library science. Read more about the exciting research and activities that keep them busy.

Meet Pedro Bustamante

Information Science PhD candidate Pedro Bustamante moves beyond the purely technical details to study the big-picture structure of wireless communication.

Meet Nico Campuzano

Security Assured Information Systems Certification student Nico Campuzano is pursuing passions in sports and big data.

Meet Camilo Correal

Master of Library and Information Science student Camilo Correal is working toward becoming a children's librarian in the public library system.

Meet Olivia Larson

Master of Library and Information Science student Olivia Larson is fusing her education background with the information science skillset she's building.

Meet Andrea Michael

Information science and computer science double major Andrea Michael has thrived in SCI's culture of collaboration and support.

Meet Lydon Pelletier

As a student in Pitt’s class of 2023, Lydon Pelletier is part of the first cohort to apply directly to SCI and enroll in the school as a first-year student.

Meet Kinori Rosnow

Kinori Rosnow didn’t plan on a career in machine learning or software engineering prior to pursuing a Master's degree in Information Science.

Meet J. Stephanie Rose

Information Science PhD candidate J. Stephanie Rose studies the intersection of communication and technology.

Meet Alexa Spaventa

Alexa Spaventa, a sophomore computer science and digital narrative and interactive design (DNID) dual major, has immersed herself in on- and off-campus communities.