Minor in Computer Science

A 16-credit minor in Computer Science is available. The minor is essentially five of the six courses that are considered the “core” of the CS major. This is a rigorous minor. This minor is not intended for casual students interested in computer literacy.

The requirements for the CS minor are:

and one of the two courses:

*CMPINF 0401 requires programming experience as a prerequisite. A student without any programming background would be advised to take the 3-credit course CS 0007 as preparation for CMPINF 0401.

**The typical minor consists of CMPINF 0401, CS 0441, CS 0445, CS 0447, and CS 1501, and CS 0441 is a prerequisite for CS 1501. However, students with very strong math backgrounds (ex: Math majors) may be able to waive the CS 0441 prerequisite for CS 1501 and thus take CS 0449 rather than CS 0441.

Minor in Information Science

The 15-credit Minor in Information Science allows University of Pittsburgh students from any degree program to add technical expertise to their professional capabilities. While mastering their chosen discipline, students can gain a strong foundation in understanding information systems.

In every profession, actions are taken, and decisions are made, using information, systems, and/or networks. Companies collect data to determine future product lines, banks depend upon complex and real-time systems to move money, while all governments depend on the secure transmission of data across regional and international networks. Whether you plan to work in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, education, politics, or sales, having skills in system design, network management, and data analysis will make you more marketable to employers.  To gain those critical skills, enroll in the Minor in Information Science, which you can complete while completing your BS or BA degree!

In the IS Minor, students must take one required programming course (annotated below) and a select combination of four Information Science electives to design a program of study that best suits their potential career goals.



For more information on the Minor in Information Science, click here.