Major and Minor Declaration

All forms for these processes are located on the SCI School Forms Page.

SCI Students Declaring an SCI Major

SCI students can switch, add, or remove majors within SCI by submitting the Undergraduate Major Declaration Form.

This form is processed each term ten business days prior to the start of add/drop. It closes at the end of the term's add/drop period. Forms submitted after the term's deadline will be held for processing until the next term; there will be no exceptions made. Please do not submit multiple requests; duplicate forms will not speed up processing and may even delay it.

This form is not the application for admission into SCI. Please contact your home school for more information on how to apply for admission to SCI. 

Prerequisites which must be completed before you declare your major:

• Computer Science: CMPINF 401, CS 441, CS 445, and CS 447
• Information Science: CMPINF 401, INFSCI 310 and two courses from INFSCI 410, INFSCI 510, or INFSCI 610 (if you started pre-Fall 2020, ask your advisor)
• Computation Biology: BIOSC 150, BIOSC 160, CHEM 110, CHEM 120, and CS 0011
• Computational Social Science: Math 220
• Digital Narrative and Interactive Design, Data Science & Physics & Quantum Computing: No prerequisites required

SCI Students Adding or Changing to a Program Outside of SCI

SCI students can apply to transfer to another School within the University or add a second degree by submitting the Academic Program Change (Transfer Out/Double Degree) Form.

Forms will be processed as they are received; however, each School may have their own deadline to apply each term. It is your responsibility to know any applicable deadlines; contact the school to which you are applying for more information. 

This is not the form to apply for admission into SCI; if you are not currently in SCI, please contact your home school for assistance in applying.

SCI Students Declaring a Secondary Field of Study

The Academic Advising/Degree Progress Report (AAR) automatically updates the Secondary Field of Study (SFoS) requirement for students who are completing a major jointly offered by SCI and another Pitt school, a minor, a second major, or a certificate program.

If you are completing the SFoS requirement by curating a collection of thematic study with the assistance of your advisor, you MUST declare your related area using the Secondary Field of Study (SFoS) Declaration Form. To complete the form, you will need the subject code and 4-digit Catalog number for each course you will complete (ex. MATH 0230). Transfer credits and test credits (AP or IB credits) may be used to fulfill this requirement.

This form is processed on a rolling basis with an expected turnaround time of 10-15 business days.

Any Pitt Student Declaring an SCI Minor

Students currently enrolled in any school at the University can add or remove an SCI minor by submitting the Undergraduate Minor Declaration/Change Form.  

Forms are accepted on an ongoing basis.