Applied Data Driven Methods

The increasing rate at which data is produced, captured, and made available for consumption is fundamentally changing science, business and industry, healthcare, and even our social lives.  As a result, there is no shortage of jobs within this space, but rather a shortage of talent. The emerging field of data science is, by definition, wide-ranging and spans a number of academic disciplines. Despite this breadth, there exists a collection of computational and data-oriented competencies that provide the necessary foundations for the application of data science to a wide range of problems and can form a common language between the disciplines.

Our 12-credit graduate certificate in Applied Data-Driven Methods (ADDM) is designed for individuals looking to develop the computational and data skills necessary to support the increasingly data-oriented nature of many careers. The curriculum is aimed at students whose primary academic background lies outside of computing and information, but whose academic or professional aspirations require expertise in understanding and applying data-driven methods. Interested in taking a bigger step in data science? All ADDM credits can apply to SCI's Master of Data Science! 

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The introductory course to the ADDM Certificate program is:

The 3 Core courses to the ADDM Certificate program are:


Students may substitute one elective for one core course. Elective courses students may choose to substitute are provided below:


Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC) IV Scholarship: The Applied Data-Driven Methods (ADDM) Department of Labor Workforce for Rural Communities scholarship is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. A total of $1,165,525.00, or 100%, of the scholarship program is funded is financed with federal funds. Apply for scholarships here.