SCI Learning Academy

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Why You Should Be a Part of the SCI Learning Academy

Everyone at SCI can be a leader. The SCI Learning Academy guides faculty and staff to grow into successful leaders in research, education, and operations through projects that directly benefit the school and our community. Cohort members will strengthen their ability to design and plan at both micro and macro levels. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to continue their projects.

This is SCI’s program: feedback will be taken and considered throughout the process to create a Learning Academy that works for the community. This is an opportunity for faculty and staff to participate in building an academy that will be of most benefit to SCI. 

Important Dates: Nominations & Sessions

Cohort members will attend three group part-day sessions throughout the program. All SCI faculty and staff will be invited to attend monthly “Hot Topic” discussions. The “hot topics” will cover a breadth of issues in higher education, from Artificial Intelligence to remote work. Outside experts may be invited to join the discussions.

"Hot Topic" Sessions

To Be Announced

Team Projects

Over the course of a year, cohort members will form teams/triads to develop a project under the guidance of “Shark Tank” advisors. The projects will be presented at the last of three group sessions. 

Cohort members are encouraged to be creative with project ideas. All projects should be meaningful, impactful, and applicable for SCI. Teams are encouraged to involve outside assistance in their projects, and the Academy will support teams in seeking outside advice, e.g., from SCI's Board of Visitors. 

The projects will be implemented after the third session in February 2025, with resource investment guided by the “Shark Tank”  advisors based on group presentations. All projects will receive support. The amount of support will be dependent on potential impact and feedback from the Shark Tank advisors.

How to Apply/Nominate

Nominations of faculty and staff are welcome. Self-nominations are encouraged with endorsement from a colleague.

A completed nomination includes a brief statement (short paragraph) of interest in the Academy including what you (or your nominee) hope to gain from participation. Optionally, if you have a short resume available, please also include it. 

Nominations are due by March 20, 2024. Please send nominations to

Previous Projects

2023 Cohort

  • iIDEAL, developed by Thais Safe Carneiro, Balaji Palanisamy, and Jenn Welton, focused on community building for faculty and staff, including celebrating accomplishments, holidays, birthdays, and welcoming new employees during onboarding.

  • SCI UBelong, developed by Mackenzie Ball, Lynnsey Doane, and Rachel Parkes, focused on incoming first-year students and emphasized retention in SCI and fostering SCI community among students.

  • mySCI, developed by Matt Barbosa, Luis de Oliveira, and Jessica Watson, focused on creating a one-stop-shop for SCI faculty, staff, and students to reduce duplicate information and centralize resources.