Computational Modeling and Simulation

Name Email Research Interests Personal Web site
Amanda Dumi Email    
Julio Alexandre Ramos Caineta Email    

Computer Science

Name Email Research Interests Personal Web site
Tazin Afrin Email Machine learning; data mining; and natural language processing  
Ishrat Ahmed Email    
Rakan Alseghayer Email Big data; time series analysis; database management systems; HPC; reliability; and information security  
Tahereh Arabghalizi Email    
Katharine Atwell Email    
Matthew Barren Email    
Maximillian Bender Email Logic; functional analysis; and algorithmic analysis and complexity theory  
Madeline Boby Email    
Amanda Buddemeyer Email    
Shengyu Chen Email    
Kadie Clancy Email    
Karin Cox Email    
Yue Dai Email    
Debarun Das Email    
Ahmad Diab Email    
Zhenjiang Fan Email Statistical machine learning; data analytics; causal discovery and inference; and data analysis applications  
Kenrick Fernandes Email Parallel and distributed graph data analytics  
Xiaoyu Ge Email Data management and data exploration  
Nicholas Gordon Email    
Meiqi Guo Email    
Erhu He Email    
Jingwen He Email    
Narges Honarvar Nazari Email    
Mert Inan Email    
Pranut Jain Email    
Ankitkumar Joshi Email    
Jayati Halder Jui Email    
Evangelos Karageorgos Email    
Maher Khan Email    
Talha Khan Email    
In Jung Kim Email    
Ajesh Koyatan Chathoth Email    
Jeongmin Lee Email    
Bingyao Li Email    
Longhao Li Email Remote healthcare; context-aware; artificial intelligence; and machine learning Personal Web site
Xiaoting Li Email    
Xiaoyu Liang Email    
Jian Liu Email    
Zhexiong Liu Email    
Zhipeng Luo Email Computer and society; artificial intelligence; and algorithms  
Ahmed Magooda Email    
Salim Malakouti Email    
Seyedsina Malakouti Email    
Patrik Musale Email    
Brian Nixon Email    
Nathan Ong Email    
Gerasimos Palaiopanos Email    
Daniel Petrov Email    
Henrique Pötter Email Information systems (business informatics); software engineering; and information science  
Mehrnoosh Raoufi Email    
Yoones Rezaei Email    
Alireza Samadian Zakaria Email    
Sanchayan Sarkar Email    
Ravneet Singh Email    
Sumedha Singla Email Medical image processing; pattern recognition; and computational geometry  
Nhat Tran Email    
Mesut Erhan Unal Email    
Nannan Wen Email    
Andrew Xu Email    
Weizheng Xu Email    
Keren Ye Email    
Mingzhi Yu Email    
Xiaozhong Zhang Email    
Chi Zhang Email Code update strategies on IoT devices Personal Web site
Mingda Zhang Email Computer vision; natural language processing; and machine learning Personal Web site
Lei Zhao Email Emerging memory technology and accelerators for neural networks Personal Web site
Hanzhong Zheng Email    
Jinpeng Zhou Email    

Information Science

Name Email Research Interests Personal Web site
Kamil Akhuseyinoglu Email    
Maryam Aldairi Email    
Turki Alenezi Email    
Mohammed Alharbi Email    
Faris Alotibi Email    
Yongsu An Email    
Nuray Baltaci Akhuseyinoglu Email Access Control; malware detection; machine learning; and data mining  
Jordan Barria-Pineda Email Information visualization; adaptive information systems; and human-computer interaction  
Kim Chau Email Intelligent tutoring systems; personalized e-learning; educational data mining; user modeling; and information retrieval Personal Web site
Sara Daraei Email  Social computing; online communities; health informatics; and crowdsourcing  
Hadi Hajari Email    
Saeed Haji Seyed Javadi Email Social network analysis; spatial-temporal data mining; data visualization; and machine learning  
Patrick Healy Email    
Leila Karimi Email Information assurance; information security; access control; and privacy  
Ang Li Email Online communities and social computing Personal Web site
Zhixiang Liu Email    
Zhimeng Luo Email    
Rui Meng Email    
Yue Qin Email    
Behnam Rahdari Email    
Zak Risha Email    
Kuheli Sai Email Distributed Systems with a focus on Blockchain.  
Ben Stein Email    
Meirman Syzdykbayev Email    
Xian Teng Email Anomaly detection; social network analysis; data science; and network science Personal Web site
Jingzhe Wang Email    
Tiantong Wang Email    
Yang Wang Email    
Zhendong Wang Email    
Bradley Wheeler Email    
Jiawei Xu Email    
Jinlai Xu Email Distributed systems; fog/edge and cloud computing; and computer vision and robotics Personal Web site
Muheng Yan Email    
Fan Yang Email Databases; data management and integration; and data fusion  
Keyang Zheng Email    
Yingfan Zhou Email    

Intelligent Systems

Name Email Research Interests Personal Web site
Maneesh Bilapur Email    
Saba Dadsetan Email    
Yaohan Ding Email    
Mahbaneh Eshaghzadeh Torbati Email    
Mohammad Hassan Falakmasir Email    
Degan Hao Email    
Tushar Kansal Email    
Omid Kashefi Email Natural language processing; multi-lingual and cross-Lingual NLP; and high performance distributed computing Personal Web site
Arun Balajiee Lekshmi Narayanan Email    
Huao Li Email    
Jun Luo Email    
Tristan Maidment Email    
Haiyi Mao Email    
Shuangxia Ren Email    
Anthony Sicilia Email    
Deniz Sonmez Unal Email    
Li Sun Email    
Mohammadamin Tajgardoon Email Ontology-based information retrieval  
Sanya Taneja Email    
Khushboo Thaker Email Biomedical informatics and translational bioinformatics Personal Web site
Huihui Xu Email    
Yanwu Xu Email    
Diyang Xue Email Medical informatics; clinical decision support; and machine learning Personal Web site
Ke Yu Email    

Library and Information Science

Name Email Research Interests Personal Web site
Yu Chi Email Information seeking behavior; exploratory search; and web analytics  
Ashleigh Faith Email    
S. Hackney Email Digital humanities; replication of identity through documentation and best practices; online communities; knowledge creation; and pseudo-academic communities  
Jamaica Jones Email    
Emily Keith Email    
Rongqian Ma Email Digital humanities; information visualization; digital curation; and archives Personal Website
Jane Nelson Thaler Email    
Zoe Pickard Email    
Fanghui Xiao Email Information seeking; problem solving; knowledge management; and data management  
Ning Zou Email    


Name Email Research Interests Personal Web site
Usman Anjum Email 5G cellular network and the development of cellular standard  
Pedro Bustamante Email    
Maryam Karimi Email Software Defined Networks; wireless networks; network security; artificial intelligence; and machine learning Personal Web site
Xin Liu Email    
Akshay Madan Email    
J. Stephanie Rose Email Wireless networks; network analysis; radio spectrum policy development; and automated enforcement for radio spectrum.  
Alekhya Velagapudi Email    
Abhishek Viswanathan Email    
Xerandy Email Communication engineering; electrical engineering; and telecommunications engineering