We envision academic advising as a relationship with shared responsibilities. This is what students can expect from their academic advisors and what our expectations of you are:

Advisor Responsibilities

Advisors will:

  • be available for one-on-one meetings in person, via web conference, or via phone
  • host walk-in advising hours during the week for "quick questions"
  • provide accurate information about SCI academic requirements, policies, and procedures
  • be knowledgeable about campus resources and will make appropriate referrals when necessary
  • help students make informed educational decisions
  • help students understand their unique interests and values
  • help students understand the purposes of higher education, the mission of both the University and the school, and the way they inform and influence the curriculum.
  • help students think about why they are in college, what they want to learn, what problems they want to solve, and how to use their time at Pitt to figure these things out and make progress toward them

Student Responsibilities

Students will:

  • schedule at least one appointment with their advisor each semester.
  • prepare for their appointment by reviewing their Academic Advisement Report and Educational Planning Worksheet in Courseweb.
  • be prepared to discuss their strengths, interests, skills, and values as well as what they are learning in their classes and co-curricular experiences.
  • be prepared to discuss which courses they want to take, why they want to take them, and what they expect to learn from them. Detailed course information can be found on the SCI Courses website.
  • check and read their emails regularly.
  • take ownership of their education.
  • learn about the requirements for their degree as well as relevant policies and procedures.
  • follow-through on the plan they design with their advisor. Keep their advisor updated on barriers they encounter as they're delivering on their plan.