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Careers in Computer and Information Sciences  

Graduates of our school can be found in a vast array of careers—from a children’s librarian to a network engineer for an international government agency or from a records manager in a federal repository to a web designer at a not-for-profit organization. 

Whether it is your dream to become an archivist, the CEO of a major tech company, a software engineer, information architect, professor or something else, the School of Computing and Information is committed to preparing you for the workforce and assisting you in your job search. 

Our graduates can be found working in various positions for companies across the country and around the world, including:
Google Inc.
Amazon Inc.
Apple Inc.
BNY Mellon
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Museum of Art
Johns Hopkins University
PPG Industries, Inc.
Schell Games
SDLC Partners, Inc.
Senator John Heinz History Center
UPMC Enterprises
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency