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Computational Biology

Major overview: The Bachelor of Science in Computational Biology, offered jointly between the Departments of Biological Sciences and Computer Science, will prepare students to understand core principles, models, and theories in the fields of biology and computer science and use them strategically to solve key problems in Computational Biology.
Topics covered in Computational Biology: Biology, Python, Genetics, Data Structures, Chemistry, and Software Design.

Computational Social Science

Major overview: The Computational Social Science (CSS) major educates students to build, compute, and improve theoretically informed models of social processes, bridging domain and technical expertise. This major will prepare students to understand, engage with, and innovatively solve evolving, complex multi-scale challenges such as climate change, transnational political violence, cybersecurity and privacy, social polarization, and inequality.
Topics covered in Computational Social Science: Politics, Programming, Human-Centered Systems, Data Analytics, Visualization, Web Tech, Social Computing, Data Analytics, and Privacy.

Computer Science

Major overview: Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree introduces you to a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. In this degree program, you will learn about the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers and will obtain a strong foundation in computer science fundamentals.
Topics covered in Computer Science: Systems, Programming Languages, Theory of Computation, Algorithms, Databases, Machine Learning, and Security.

Data Science

Major Overview: The Bachelor of Science in Data Science major allows students to gain critical skill sets that span key areas of statistics, computing, and mathematics, with foundational training that every student needs to master data science. Students will develop expertise that connects theory to the solution of real-world problems, and be able to specialize their studies towards a more specific career focuses. Completing this major will prepare students to work as a data science professional or to pursue graduate study in a direction involving data in a significant way.
Topics covered in Data Science: Data, Algorithms, Mathematics, Statistics, and Modeling

Digital Narrative and Interactive Design

Major overview: The Digital Narrative and Interactive Design (DNID) major is offered jointly between the Department of English and the School of Computing and Information. Students will learn how to build interactive narrative systems such as games, interactive literature, virtual reality environments, and other interactive media experiences in a variety of fields. Through your course of study, you'll gain a solid foundation in English (Writing, Composition, Film and Media Studies, and Literature), Computer Science, and Information Science.
Topics covered in Digital Narrative and Interactive Design: Composition, Programming, Data Structures, Storytelling, and Interactive Media.

Information Science

Major overview: The Information Science major teaches you how to look at problems holistically, so you not only understand the technology, but also the needs of the people who will be using it. You will gain critical skills and broad, theoretical knowledge in systems analysis, user needs, programming principles, database systems, networks and more. It’s a degree that opens doors for careers in technology, financial services, health care, judicial systems, private industry, government agencies, education, and communication.
Topics covered in Information Science: Human- Centered Systems, Wireless and Virtual Networks, Responsive Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and System Analysis.