Faculty Mentors

What Academic Advisors can help you with:

  • make informed educational decisions (e.g. courses, co-curricular activities, experimental education, community engagement
  • co-create educational plans (e.g. help you incorporate a minor, co-op, study abroad, into your studies)
  • evaluate and approve graduation applications
  • find information about academic requirements 
  • provide referrals to resources at Pitt
  • Students are required to see their Academic Advisor at least once per semester

What Faculty Mentors can help you with:

  • learning more about the program from an industry expert
  • career and graduate school mentoring
  • preparing for internships
  • research opportunities
  • capstone approval
  • Faculty Mentor meetings are not required; Faculty Mentors cannot release registration holds

Computer Science Faculty Mentors

Each declared Computer Science major is assigned to a specific faculty mentor, based on the list below. Meetings with your faculty mentor are only required if you are completing an internship for your capstone, but they are encouraged any time you have questions within your mentor's expertise.

Students with last names:

You can schedule a meeting with your CS Faculty Mentor in Navigate. Be sure you're only scheduling Faculty Mentor meetings if you are a declared CS major and are requesting appropriate services.

Information Science Faculty Mentors

Information Science majors may meet with any Faculty Mentor whose area of expertise aligns with their interests, based on the list below.

Faculty Mentors for Other SCI Majors

Students interested in these other majors may contact the listed faculty member.