SCI Peer Advisor Spotlight: Sarina Saran (SCI '26)

April 5, 2024

Undergraduate students at SCI have many resources at their fingertips to navigate academics, career goals, and social life at Pitt - one being the peer advising program. SCI peer advisors are mentors that students can go to for guidance, advice, and information on their experiences at Pitt. Sarina Saran, a sophomore at SCI dual-majoring in computer sciene and media and professsional communications, is enthusiastic about guiding students towards their passions and interests at SCI.

“Being a peer advisor means being a mentor to students in SCI. It’s really fulfilling to be able to offer advice to students seeking another student perspective,” remarked Saran. “This extends beyond courses too, into things like applying to internships, navigating career fairs, experiential learning opportunities, or choosing a major. We also have first-hand experience with some of the difficulties of being a student in SCI, such as course registration or understanding general education requirements, and can share our insights based off our familiarity with that as well.”

Through her positive experience as a peer advisor, Saran encourages anyone who may be interested to embrace the opportunity to become one.

“I think it’s really valuable to get to know the inner workings of SCI because it only sets you up for success as you navigate through the school yourself. You also get to work with the faculty advisors who are all incredibly knowledgeable and supportive as well as excellent resources on campus,” said Saran. “It’s always rewarding to connect with so many other students in similar fields of study.”

Outside of being a peer advisor, Saran enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and reading romance novels. Three fun facts about Saran are that she is a middle child, she knows every Olivia Rodrigo song by heart, and she is the Bananagrams champion of her family.

Learn more about peer advising and Sarina Saran here!

--Alyssa Morales