SCI Peer Advisor Spotlight: Joy Gimei (SCI ‘24)

March 29, 2024

At SCI, undergraduate students have access to endless resources in academics, extracurriculars, and career development. SCI peer advisors guide prospective and undergraduate students in enrolling for classes, building their schedules, and navigating the different courses and programs that SCI has to offer. Joy Gimei, a senior at SCI majoring in information science with a certificate in engineering for humanities, is passionate about helping students navigate the rich academic landscape at SCI.

“Being a peer advisor to me means being a resource that provides support to students as they gain confidence navigating their academic and extracurricular journey through college,” said Gimei. “We are a safe space for any and all college-related questions, and no question is too random or big for us to help students tackle. From concerns regarding specific courses or professors, to navigating dorm life, to what clubs to join on campus, to study abroad opportunities, we are here for you through it all! I think a lot of times with the hurdles that come with the college experience, all one needs is a sounding board that can provide advice, empathize, or provide a contact that is an expert on the subject, and the peer advisors are a great place for this.”

Gimei is also closely involved in the Pitt community outside of being a peer advisor. Gimei is the president of the Official Association for Students of Information Science (OASIS) and the vice president of community relations for Delta Delta Delta.

“As the current president of OASIS and vice president of community relations for my sorority, I love engaging in the Pitt community outside of the classroom - we have such an amazing student body! I also enjoy taking photos, exploring the city, and singing at my church.”

Three fun facts about Gimei are that she is Kenyan-American, has created 131 playlists on Spotify, and has never had a cavity.

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--Alyssa Morales