SCI Film Festival Winners Announced

We are excited to announce the winners of the first SCI Film Festival. All eight submissions were incredibly well-done and insightful, and we are proud of the work and creativity that each student put into their video.

First place winner: "Homebound" by Caela Go

“Caela Go’s 'Homebound' message was one of hope and possibility. Although we are in quarantine, quarantine is not in us. We are physically distancing, not socially disconnected. This is an opportunity to connect with self, family, and friends.” – Debra King (MSIS ’85), alumni judge

Second place winner: "Together We Are Strong" by Leah-Rose Sellinger

“Leah-Rose Sellinger’s submission was very comprehensive and provided an uplifting message in a very challenging time. She described how COVID-19 negatively impacted so many aspects of her university experience and society in general. She recognizes how fortunate she is and how she could make a difference. She also offered excellent examples of how society at large has come together as we battle a common cause.” – Mark Shozda (CS ’80), alumni judge

People’s Choice Winner: "Homebound" by Caela Go

“This video is so personal, yet also relatable and accessible to so many people during this time. The tone and mood transition beautifully throughout as a reflective and peaceful story. This demonstrates attention to detail, cohesive cinematography, and an overall amazing execution of a wonderful idea. I was extremely moved by this film, and I know many other people will be as well.”

Congratulations to the winners of the Film Festival! If you have not yet viewed the video submissions, you can still do so here.