SCI Career Manager Shares Tips for Students

April 4, 2024

The School of Computing and Information (SCI)’s manager of experiential learning, Emily Bennett, is focused on helping SCI students build professional skills and gain experience to succeed this summer. With spring and summer events coming up, Bennett offered some career tips for students: 

  1. Confirm first day essentials: your start date, time, location, and setting (in-person, hybrid, remote) 
  2. Familiarize yourself with the dress code – when in doubt, ask the recruiter or hiring manager 
  3. Reflect on what you want out to the experience beyond a resume addition (specific technical skills, project management, etc.) 
  4. Take initiative – ask plenty of questions and ask for more tasks if you are bored 
  5. Take lots of notes and understand important deadlines 
  6. Have fun! Participate in social activities and get to know your co-workers 
  7. Reflect on the experience before you go – did you achieve your goals 

Bennett will host the Salary Negotiation workshop and a Make the Most of Your Summer Break event later this month. To learn more or get involved in these events, visit Handshake or contact Emily directly at

--Gwyneth Bessey