SCI Staff and Faculty Host Holiday Cookie Table

December 13, 2022

The holiday spirit was alive and well at Sennott Square and the Information Sciences Building on December 12! That's when students, faculty, and staff were able to take a break by enjoying more than 600 cookies and other treats donated by other faculty and staff. Take-out boxes were available for those on the run to finals!

The "Pittsburgh cookie table"-themed mini-bash was part of SCI's fifth anniversary celebration taking place this year. Learn more about other upcoming fifth anniversary events and activities here.

Thanks to the following people who carved out their weekends to make or buy a variety of delicious bites, including lady locks, truffles, sugar cookies, butter cookies, Brazilian treats, pizzelles, buckeyes, and much more:

  • Miranda Acosta
  • Brandi Belleau
  • Dnaiel Beresheim
  • Sharon Bindas
  • Bruce Childers
  • Larissa Ciuca
  • Thais Dias Safe Carneiro
  • Rosta Farzan
  • Laura Finkle
  • Bob and Dot Hoffman
  • Sasha Kotarski
  • Adam Lee
  • Rebecca Morris
  • Daniel MossĂ©
  • Susan Orr
  • Rachel Parkes
  • Jennifer Welton
  • Steve Wisniewski

Thanks also to Sharon Bindas, Thais Dias Safe Carneiro, Heidi Davis, Debbie Day, Matt de Lima Barbosa, Elizabeth Defide, Wes Lipschultz, and Michele Thomas for their help setting up and taking down the cookie displays.