Meet SCI’s New Faculty: Xulong Tang

Name: Xulong Tang
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Computer Science

What are your research interest?
My research interests lie in the fields of high-performance computing and parallel computer architectures and systems. In particular, I am interested in effective and efficient system support/optimization for complicated real-world applications (e.g., deep learning, graph analytics, and scientific applications)

Why did you choose to come to SCI?
I decided to join SCI because the school vision is appealing to me especially as a computer system/architecture researcher. The evolution of computer system nowadays is experiencing a transition from homogeneous systems to heterogeneous systems. This is driven by the ever-growing complexity of applications in different domains spanning from biological analysis, medical science, economy forecast, and personal entertainment. To better support these challenging applications, the systems really need to understand the essential characteristics and needs of these applications. As a system researcher in SCI, I am encouraged to conduct interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary researches which provide us opportunities to understand the real needs from applications and design better systems.

How does your research/teaching align with SCI’s mission?
Our school mission is “To make the world a better place through polymathic education and the science of interacting systems.” To accomplish this mission, endeavors siting along the spectrum from software to hardware are required. Using AI as an example, it is so successful not only because of many efficient AI algorithm have been proposed, but also because of efficient system/platform support for fast execution (e.g., Google TPU). As a system researcher, I believe we can create a real polymathic education environment and deliver end-to-end systems in SCI together with other faculties who are experts in algorithms, databases, security, etc.