Meet SCI’s New Faculty: Vinicius Petrucci

Name: Vinicius Petrucci
Title: Lecturer
Department: Computer Science

What are your research interests?
My primary research interests concentrate on computer systems with emphasis on improving resource efficiency while delivering real-time performance guarantees. Energy consumption, for instance, is a big and growing problem for large-scale server systems, smartphones, and wearable devices. In particular, I have focused on understanding the tradeoffs of energy (e.g. save energy by running a bit slower) and performance (e.g. need to meet user expectations, always!) and exploring this knowledge to design better dynamic resource management approaches.

Why did you chose to come to SCI?
What attracted me most to SCI is to work at an international forefront institution where I can carry out world-class research and develop innovative teaching and learning practices to ensure the students who will bear the future achieve academic excellence. SCI is located in a culturally and academically vibrant city, known as a place that is rebuilding its history betting on new technologies and in the excellence of education. I feel that SCI (as well as Pitt and Pittsburgh) has a sort of magnet that attracts great people to do great work.

How does your research/teaching align with SCI’s mission?
Both my teaching and research agendas fit in well with the School mission and vision addressing interdisciplinary and holistic aspects of computing and information. With the ubiquity of software applications, new models and management policies and mechanisms are required to tackle very dynamic, connected, and complex computing systems. Improving resource efficiency is critical to enable sustainable and scalable systems, which in turn calls for systems-oriented research and education, as promoted by the School of Computing and Information.