Meet SCI’s New Faculty: Joseph Yurko

Name: Joseph Yurko
Title: Teaching Assistant Professor

What are your research interest?
I am interested in applying Bayesian models to optimize complex systems in the presence of uncertainty.

Why did you choose to come to SCI?
SCI is focused on solving challenging problems with modern computational tools. The school has expertise in all areas of the complete life cycle of a data related project. From collecting, processing, and storing data to transforming data into knowledge, and ultimately making decisions based on that knowledge. I wanted to contribute to that mission.

How does your research/teaching align with SCI’s mission?
I am very excited to be teaching machine learning and data analytics courses. Those areas contribute to learning from data. Algorithms find patterns and trends in data, and humans interpret those results. My teaching is focused on helping students understand how the assumptions behind the algorithms impact the conclusions they draw from those algorithms.