SCI Student Creates App to Help Local Restaurants

SCI student Gabriel Thrower recently created an app called Bar Spy to help local restaurants and bars.  The app uses user-generated content to display information about local establishments, including whether they're open, specials they're currently offering, and events such as trivia, live music, and karaoke.  This allows restaurant staff to provide the most up-to-date information to patrons, since the information on restaurant websites can sometimes be outdated.

"As the data is user-generated, anyone can post about what a bar/restaurant is doing on a certain night," Thrower said.  "To avoid out-of-date information being displayed, the posts that are uploaded by users only last on the map for 8 hours before disappearing. Essentially, the app provides one common digital medium where all bars and restaurants can advertise, making it easier for consumers to find something that interests them faster."

Thrower is a senior computer information science major, and he published the Bar Spy app earlier this month.  We wish him well on this exciting endeavor!

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