Malihe Alikhani Awarded Google ExploreCSR Grant

SCI Assistant Professor Malihe Alikhani was recently awarded a Google exploreCSR grant to encourage computer research among undergraduate students from underrepresented groups.  The exploreCSR program funds faculty from 50 institutions around the world to host computer science workshops.

"Our goal is to support students from underrepresented groups to pursue graduate studies and research careers in computing,” Alikhani said.  “We will hold workshops and mentoring sessions to empower students to create technologies that best serve their communities and help them succeed in research and graduate studies by fostering an engaging and supportive community and helping them learn practical skills."

Alikhani recently joined the Computer Science Department at SCI.  Her research interests include natural language processing (language technology), cognitive science, and human computation, and her research projects have involved human-robot dialogue, conversational interfaces, diagram understanding, natural language generation, and common ground processes in language use.

Please join us in congratulating Malihe on this exciting endeavor!