Project Led by Martin Weiss and Other Spectrum Experts Receives $25 Million Grant

The National Science Foundation's Spectrum Innovation Initiative recently awarded a $25 million five-year grant to SpectrumX, a spectrum research project which features SCI Professor Martin Weiss among its leadership. The project brings together experts from a variety of universities to develop spectrum policy and technical innovations. Radio spectrum is used for many purposes, such as mobile devices, location discovery, weather forecasting, and scientific research; SpectrumX's goal is to aid in understanding these current uses and develop effective approaches to their coexistence in the future. Weiss will serve as the Lead for SpectrumX's Policy and Economics Working Group.

"I am looking forward to advancing basic research in the economics of radio spectrum allocation and the associated implications for public policy," Weiss said. "I am also looking forward to contributing to SpectrumX’s goal to broaden the participation of the spectrum-related workforce through education programs and engagement with minority-serving institutions."

Weiss teaches in the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems. His research interests include policy and industry implications of new technologies, secondary use of spectrum, spectrum trading, cost modeling of telecommunications technologies, and technical standards' impact on industry.

Please join us in congratulating Weiss on this exciting endeavor!

Learn more about SpectrumX.