SCI Alumna and Professor Author Paper on Secondary Spectrum Markets

SCI alumna Marcela Gomez and Professor Martin Weiss recently authored a paper about the spectrum market titled “A comprehensive secondary market model for virtualized wireless connectivity.”  The article is published by Telecommunications Policy, an academic journal concerned with the impact of digitalization in the economy and society.  It explores the unique aspects of a market model which includes a specialized intermediary, or Virtual Network Builder, and utilizes matching markets to establish partnerships between intermediaries and resource buyers.

Gomez is an alumna of the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems (DINS) at SCI and a Senior Data Analyst at the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research.  Gomez’s work focuses on the intersection of technology, policy, and economics and how these disciplines can be applied to the study of systems where spectrum is shared and traded. Her research interests also include governance in blockchain-based systems and extrapolating public health models to understanding technology adoption. Weiss teaches in DINS at SCI. His research interests include policy and industry implications of new technologies, secondary use of spectrum, spectrum trading, cost modeling of telecommunications technologies, and technical standards and their impact on industry.

Read Gomez and Weiss’s article here.