SCI Professor Authors Paper on Blockchain Networks

SCI Professor Martin Weiss has contributed to a research article about the function of governance in public blockchain networks.  The article is titled “Can Permissionless Blockchains Avoid Governance and the Law?” and is published by SSRN, a journal devoted to the dissemination of scholarly research.  It is co-authored by Graduate School of Public and International Affairs Associate Professor Ilia Murtazashvili, as well as Eric Alston of the Finance Division of the University of Colorado Boulder and Wilson Law of Baylor University.  The paper examines the decentralized private nature of governance within permissionless blockchain networks and identifies various factors which influence the self-regulating decisions made by these networks.

Weiss teaches in the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems at SCI.  His research interests include policy and industry implications of new technologies, secondary use of spectrum, spectrum trading, cost modeling of telecommunications technologies, and technical standards and their impact on industry.

Read Weiss’s research article here.