SCI Faculty Member Receives Grant from the National Science Foundation to Improve Computer Vision

Assistant Professor Adriana I. Kovashka was recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to work on developments in the field of computer vision.  The project is titled “RI: Small: Domain-robust object detection through shape and context” and received the grant from NSF’s Division of Information and Intelligent Systems, which studies the inter-related roles of people, computers, and information.  Kovashka’s work will involve developing new methods to help computers recognize and detect objects, focusing on the global cues of shape and context.  This will help address the problems that occur when the visual data used in training artificial intelligence tools differs from the data that is present where this technology is deployed (i.e. differing styles of vehicles, houses, or environmental factors such as foliage or smog).

Kovashka teaches in the Department of Computer Science as well as the Intelligent Systems and Computational Modeling & Simulation Programs at SCI.  Her research interests include computer vision, machine learning, content-based image retrieval, interactions between vision and language, and human-machine communication and crowdsourcing for visual recognition.

Please join us in congratulating her on this exciting project!