SCI Faculty Members Join the Pitt Disinformation Lab

SCI faculty members Malihe Alikhani, Dmitriy Babichenko, Adriana Kovashka, Prashant Krishnamurthy, and Yu-Ru Lin have joined the Pitt Disinformation Lab (PDL), which was recently launched by the Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security. The PDL aims to develop counter-measures against disinformation by creating a new, community-centered system of malign influence warning, understanding, and response. Team members will engage in a variety of activities, such as providing early warnings of influential dis-, mis- and mal-information for Western Pennsylvania and the nation, evolving anticipatory, long-term resilience within and across networks to fire-proof against the influence of future disinformation campaigns, developing programs to empower platform moderators and users to collectively identify and resolve vulnerabilities, and coordinating impactful strategies and policies to actively combat disinformation that meet the needs of communities on the ground.

Please join us in congratulating these faculty members on this exciting initiative!

Learn more about the PDL team.