Adriana Kovashka Named Pitt Cyber Affiliate Scholar

SCI Assistant Professor Adriana Kovashka was recently named an Affiliate Scholar of the Pitt Cyber Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security.  Pitt Cyber is a collective of legal, policy, and technical researchers that addresses critical questions of networks, data, and algorithms, with a focus on the ever-changing gaps among law, policy, and technology.  Affiliate Scholars are drawn from faculty noted for excellence in cyber-themed research and teaching.  Adriana Kovashka teaches in the Department of Computer Science.  Her primary research area is computer vision, with overlap in machine learning, information retrieval, crowdsourcing, and natural language processing.  Congratulations to Adriana!

Other Pitt Cyber Affiliate Scholars from SCI include Malihe Alikhani, Amy Babay, Dmitriy Babichenko, Matthew Burton, Bruce R. Childers, Rosta Farzan, Morgan R. Frank, Daqing He, James Joshi, Prashant Krishnamurthy, John R. Lange, Alison Langmead, Adam J. Lee, Stephen Lee, Yu-Ru Lin, Eleanor Mattern, Leona Mitchell, Daniel Mosse, Balaji Palanisamy, David Tipper, Martin B.H. Weiss, Lingfei Wu, and Taieb Znati.