Apply for an ADDM Scholarship

Applying for an ADDM scholarship is easy, and if you qualify, there is no expense to you to achieve the certificate! Here’s how it works:

1) Are you a resident of Southwestern Pennsylvania? Assess your potential eligibility for scholarships by completing this short survey

2) If you may be eligible based on the survey, please email our graduate admissions team at for an application fee waiver. 

3) Our admission team will provide you with a fee waiver code

3) Apply to ADDM! – Select your preferred application term from the available choices and “apply” on this application page

4) After selecting “apply,” you will be asked to create an account in GradCAS, then find the ADDM program (for example, enter “University of Pittsburgh Data” in the search window, and it should return the on campus and online application for the ADDM program).

5) Once you’ve provided your application materials, you will be asked to submit your application, and you can provide the fee waiver code at that point to ensure that you do not need to pay the $85 application fee.

6) If you are admitted and confirmed as eligible for the scholarship, THEN you will be contacted with instructions on submitting the formal application form through a scholarship application page on the Pitt Student Portal ( called “PittFund$ me”.  

7) During the summer before the start of the Fall term you should ALSO meet with an advisor to select classes. Your advisor’s contact information will be provided in your admission letter. 

8) Before the start of the Fall term (and after your eligibility is confirmed and you’ve applied through PittFund$me), confirmation of the award will be communicated to you.

If you have questions in the meantime or need assistance, please attend one of our information sessions (we have general sessions to get your questions answered as well as sessions specifically for those interested in ADDM).