Marcia Rapchak

  • Teaching Assistant Professor

Institution of Highest Degree

  • EdD, Duquesne University

Representative Publications

Rapchak, M. (2019). When online instruction doesn’t measure up. How can you tell, and what should you do? Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, 13 (1-2), 150-158.

Anthony, E., Miller, R., & Rapchak, M. (2019). Subverting neutrality through social justice viewpoints in information literacy. Credit-bearing Information Literacy Courses: Critical Approaches. ACRL Press.

Rapchak, M.E., Nolfi, D.A., Turk, M., Marra, L., O’Neil, C. (2018). Implementing an interprofessional information literacy course: Impact on student abilities and attitudes. JMLA.

Stinnett, J., & Rapchak, M. (2018). Teaching for transfer?: Non-experts teaching linked information literacy and writing classes. Information Literacy and Writing Studies: First-Year Composition. Purdue UP.

Rapchak, M.E. (2018). Collaborative learning in an information literacy course: The impact of online versus face-to-face instruction on social metacognitive awareness. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 44(3): 383-390.

Stinnett, J., & Rapchak, M. (2018). Research, writing, and writer/reader exigence. Literacy in Composition Studies, 6(1).

Rapchak, M. (2017). Creating a Community of Inquiry in online library instruction. Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, 11 (1-2), 59-67.

Rapchak, M. (2017). Is your tutorial pretty or pretty useless? Creating effective tutorials with the principles of multimedia learning. Journal of Library and Information Services in Distance Learning, 11 (1-2), 68-76.

Rapchak, M., Brungard, A., & Bergfelt, T. (2016). What’s the VALUE of information literacy? Comparing learning community and non-learning community student learning outcomes. Learning Communities: Research and Practice, 4(1), Article 5.

Research Interests

Information literacy
Academic libraries
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Critical Librarianship