Kirk R. Pruhs

  • Professor

Professor Pruhs received a BS degree (Mathematics and Computer Science, 1984) from Iowa State University and a PhD degree (Computer Science, 1989) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is on the editorial boards of Journal of Scheduling, INFORMS Journal of Computing, and ACM Transactions on Algorithms.

Representative Publications

S. Im, B. Moseley, and K. Pruhs , "Stochastic Scheduling of Heavy-tailed Jobs," IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science , STACS 2015, Munich, Germany , March 2015.

R. Krishnaswamy, V. Nagarajan, K. Pruhs, and C. Stein, "Cluster Before you Hallucinate: Aproximating Node-Capacitated Network Design and Energy Efficient Routing," STOC 2014, pp. 1-22, New York, NY , June 2014.

S. Im, J. Kulkarnia, K. Munagala, and K. Pruhs, "SelfishMigrate: A Scalable Algorithm for Non-clairvoyantly Scheduling Heterogeneous Processors," Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2014), pp. 531-540, October 2014.

A. Antoniadis, N. Barcelo, M. Nugent, K. Pruhs and M. Scquizzato, "Complexity-theoretic Obstacles to Achieving Energy Savings with Near-threshold Computing," International Green Computing Conference (IGCC 2014) , pp. 1-8, Dallas, TX, November 2014.

S.Im, B. Moseley, K. Pruhs and E. Torng, "Competitively Scheduling Tasks with INtermediate Parrallelizability," SPAA 2014, pp. 22-29, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2014.

Research Interests

Algorithmic problems related to green computing
Fair allocation
Resource management
And scheduling