Christian Schunn

  • Associate Professor

Institution of Highest Degree

  • Carnegie Mellon University

Representative Publications

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Schunn, C.D., Godley, A.J. & DeMartino, S. (in press). The reliability and validity of peer review of writing in high school AP English classes. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

Paletz, S., Chan, J., & Schunn, C. D. (in press). Uncovering uncertainty through disagreement. Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Cox, C., Apedoe, X., Silk, E., & Schunn, C. D. (in press). Analyzing materials in order to find design opportunities for the classroom. In Z. Kabayadondo & S. Goldman (Eds.), Design Thinking.

Paletz, S. B. F., Chan, J., & Schunn, C. D. (2017). The dynamics of micro-conflicts and uncertainty in successful and unsuccessful design teams. Design Studies, 50, 39-69.

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Crowley, K., Dorph, R., & Schunn, C. (2017). Crumpled molecules and edible plastic: Science learning activation in out-of-school time. Afterschool Matters, 25, 22-28.

Marshman, E., Kalender, Z. Y., Schunn, C., Nokes-Malach, T., & Singh, C. (2017). A longitudinal analysis of students’ motivational characteristics in introductory physics courses: Gender differences. Canadian Journal of Physics.

Akiva, T., Kehoe, S., Schunn, C. D. (2017). Are we ready for citywide learning? Examining the nature of within- and between-program pathways in a community-wide learning initiative. Journal of Community Psychology.

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Fu, K., & Schunn, C. D. (2016). Open innovation through strategic design-by-analogy. To be published in A. Markman & H. Naquin (Eds.), Open innovation: The journey from ideation to innovation. Oxford University Press.

Cox, C., Reynolds, B., Schuchardt, A., & Schunn, C. D. (2016). Using mathematics and engineering to solve problems in secondary level biology. Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research, 17(1), 22-30.

Iriti, J., Bickel, W., Schunn, C., & Stein, M. K. (2016). Maximizing research and development resources: Identifying and testing “load-bearing conditions” for educational technology innovations. Educational Technology Research & Development, 64, 245-262.

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Barstow, B., Fazio, L., Lippman, J., Falakmasir, M., Schunn, C. D., Ashley, K. D. (2016). The impacts of domain-general vs. domain-specific diagramming tools on writing. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, 1-23.


Wong, A., Moss, J., Schunn, C. (2016). Tracking reading strategy utilisation through pupillometry. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 32(6).

Research Interests

Scientific Reasoning and Discovery Learning
Computational Modeling of Strategy Choice
Categorization and Causal Reasoning