SCI Professors Included in Guide2Research's Top 1000 Computer Scientists in the World

SCI professors Peter Brusilovsky and Rami Melhem were recently included in Guide2Research’s 2020 6th edition of Top Scientists Ranking for Computer Science & Electronics. One thousand scientists were selected for this ranking based on the amount of influential contributions they have made to the field of computer science as evidenced by Google Scholar’s measurement of their productivity level. Guide2Research is a research portal that tracks current computer science scholarship and gathers information about the latest conferences and publications in the field.

Peter Brusilovsky is a professor in SCI’s Department of Informatics and Networked Systems and Intelligent Systems Program. His research interests include adaptive web systems, social web, adaptive hypermedia, user modeling, adaptive information systems, intelligent tutoring systems, e-learning, information visualization, digital libraries, and human-computer interaction.

Rami Melhem is a professor in SCI’s Department of Computer Science and Computational Modeling & Simulation Program. His research interests include parallel and distributed high-performance computing, fault-tolerant computing, multiprocessor interconnection networks, real-time systems, and optical computing.

Please join us in congratulating Brusilovsky and Melhem on this impressive achievement!