Minority Association in Computing Student Organization Sets Out to Create An Inclusive Environment at SCI

This academic year, the Minority Association in Computing (MAC) is working hard to create a community where all new and returning SCI students feel celebrated and supported.

A relatively new student organization within the School of Computing and Information, MAC recently changed its name from Underrepresented Minorities in Computing (UMC) to have a name that “more directly expressed [their] mission and goals.”

“We want to provide a space where you don’t have to be ‘underrepresented’, you deserve the right to just be a student, like everyone else,” the MAC Board said in an introductory email to the SCI student body. “You also deserve every resource available to be successful in computing, and we’re striving to provide that. We’re accomplishing this by emphasizing professional development, executive engagement, personal growth, and, above all, enjoying your undergraduate years.”

As one of its first events of the year, MAC will be hosting a Mock Interviews, Resume Workshop, and Networking Session with Microsoft at the company’s Pittsburgh office. They will also be hosting the panel “Employee Resource Groups: Impact, Role and Value Proposition” during SCI Week, with more events planned throughout the year.

MAC meets every Tuesday from 7:30PM to 8:30PM at Room 5317 in Sennott Square. If you’re interested in participating in the organization, email macpittsci@gmail.com to join their mailing list.