Meet SCI’s New Faculty: Lingfei Wu

Name: Lingfei Wu
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Informations and Networked Systems; Information Culture and Data Stewardship

What are your research interest?
I am a computational social scientist interested in understanding the geometry of thinking and applying it to design the future of research, education, and employment in the knowledge economy.

Why did you choose to come to SCI?
The vision of SCI of “computing with a context” was very inspiring. I think this vision is ahead of time and position SCI as a leading institution for the expanding global interest in modeling and understanding complicated systems.

How does your teaching/research align with SCI’s mission?
The vision of SCI of “computing with a context” is relevant to my career identity as a computational social scientist. I see my teaching on data visualization and my research on modeling the national talent system – the supply and demand of knowledge and skills fit perfectly into the goals of SCI and I am exciting for the career possibilities.