Meet SCI’s New Faculty: Kate Anderson

Name: Kate Anderson
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Informatics and Networked Systems (DINS)

What are your research interests?
My background is in social science and computational modeling, and my research lives at the intersection of economics, political science, and network analysis. I use a combination of computational models and large-scale data to understand how individuals fit into a larger social whole. One branch of my work uses network science to better understand the relationship between a worker’s skills and their wages. This is particularly important in the context of online labor markets, where employers increasingly use algorithmic search to find job candidates with particular combinations of skills. I have also looked at the role of interdisciplinary researchers in scientific collaboration networks, and how policies encouraging interdisciplinary skills might affect the pace of innovation.

Why did you choose to come to SCI?
I chose to come to SCI because I felt that I had something important to add to the department.  I often find myself at the intersection of two different worlds—computation and social science. The prospect of a place where I could have both perspectives is enormously appealing. My own research suggests that combinations of skills are often more than the sum of their parts—social science and computation make for a powerful combination.

How does your teaching/ research align with SCI’s mission?
My research uses computational models and network science to answer core social science questions. Computational social science is a vital part of information science, and I’m so pleased to have a group of people who share my interests and expand the landscape of questions! My teaching is in network science and entrepreneurship/innovation. I’ve been developing a new course with Martin Weiss in social and telecommunications networks.