SCI Professor and Student Receive Amazon Research Award

Earlier this spring, Amazon announced that SCI professor Daqing He and his doctoral student Rui Meng were awarded an Amazon Research Award -- among 51 researchers representing 39 universities worldwide -- in support of their project “Transferable, Controllable, Applicable Keyphrase Generation.” 

Keyphrase provides highly-summative information of text, which is broadly used in real-world applications such as information retrieval, document summarization, and text mining. In this project, Daqing and Rui propose to develop novel keyphrase prediction models that are transferable to different domains without the need of large amounts of domain-specific data and controllable for generating phrases of various genres. The Amazon award will enable them to develop models with state-of-the-art machine learning methods and large-scale datasets.

Amazon Research Awards (ARA) provides a grant program of up to $80,000 in cash and $20,000 in AWS Promotional Credits to academic researchers investigating topics across 11 focus areas.