Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen is EPAM's Chief Technologist for AWS and SRE, based in Seattle. EPAM is a global consulting services firm based in Newtown, PA that is publicly traded and a component of the S&P 500. Jamie graduated from Pitt’s School of Library and Information Science in 1993. Prior to joining EPAM in 2019, Jamie was an early employee at Typesafe/Lightbend (founded by the creators of the Scala programming language and Akka concurrency toolkit) as the global head of consulting and training, and the Director of Engineering at Starbucks responsible for building the Starbucks Rewards and Mobile Order/Pay backend systems. He has also been a Production Engineering leader at Facebook in the Core Systems Tupperware (containerization and orchestration) group, supporting Site Reliability Engineering groups for the shared platform used by Facebook services across millions of hosts in global data centers. Jamie is the author of Effective Akka (O’Reilly, 2013), and co-author of Reactive Design Patterns (Manning, 2017). Jamie also currently serves on the Pitt Alumni Association Alumni Board, and is SCI’s SCR (Schools, Colleges & Regional Campuses Committee) representative.