Database and Web Systems Concentration

Storage and distribution subsystems are fundamental components of any information system. As information moved to digital form, storage systems evolved into various forms of database systems. In the World Wide Web, people interact with databases and information storage systems through web protocols using web-based interfaces to facilitate distribution.

The database and web systems specialization covers both fundamental concepts of modern database management systems (DBMSs) and advanced issues that typically arise in the context of large-scale-enterprise data management. Coursework is focused on developing practical skills in building and administering realistic database systems, data integration, data warehousing, and web-based data management. Database research projects offer tremendous opportunities for students in specialties including scalable architectures for wide-area environments with heterogeneous information servers, query optimization in highly distributed databases, and wireless and mobile databases. Web systems coursework introduces current web technologies including XML and new distributed architectures for service provision.

The following requirements are in addition to the course requirements of the general MSIS degree.

Database and Web Systems Required Courses

Students in the Database and Web systems specialization must take the following three required courses:

Database and Web Systems Electives

Students in the Database and Web Systems specialization must take two Electives from the following list:

Additional Approved Electives

Students may select two courses from the department’s standard graduate course offerings, including independent study and practicum experiences.

Students may also pursue opportunities that fall outside of the department’s standard graduate course offerings such as the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education cross-registration, doctoral seminars, courses offered in other Pitt graduate departments, or undergraduate upper-level coursework in information science or computer science (1100-1999).

These opportunities may not exceed six credits and require advisor approval prior to enrollment.

Admissions Requirements