Several Tenure-Track and Non-Tenure Track positions available as well as an Endowed Chair position.

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The School of Computing and Information (SCI), the newest school at the University of Pittsburgh, aims to create and harness data-driven technology, science, and expertise to improve the security, performance, and understanding of complicated, interacting natural, social, and engineered systems. Predictive modeling and insightful analysis for evidence-based decision-making, in the context of these interacting systems, is key to our mission.

As a new school, we are working to develop and expand upon many exciting initiatives. In collaboration with multiple units at Pitt and other leading organizations in the region, including Carnegie Mellon University, we have launched the Modeling and Managing Complicated Systems (momacs) Institute to advance the science and technology of modeling and managing complicated, interacting systems. Our faculty are involved in developing numerous interdisciplinary research programs, launching a first year-admitting undergraduate program, creating joint academic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and creating a new Professional Institute to close critical skills gaps by providing specialized education to working professionals. As we build and expand these initiatives, it is crucial that we continue and strengthen our leadership in addressing underrepresentation by fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for students, faculty, and staff.

About the Pittsburgh Region

Pittsburgh is a vibrant hub of education, technology, and medicine, with many startups and established companies throughout the region. The region offers an exceptionally high quality of life, with low cost housing, excellent secondary schools, abundant outdoor activities, and rich cultural attractions well beyond other cities of its size. The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education recently ranked Pitt as the top public university in the Northeast, and Pitt ranks ninth in federally funded science and engineering funding according to the National Science Foundation. SCI has numerous connections to centers, institutions, and companies in the region, including the School of Medicine, Carnegie Mellon University, the City of Pittsburgh, the Center for Causal Discovery, the Center for Energy, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Google, Uber, Oculus, Argo AI, and many others. Through these connections, there are ample opportunities to collaborate broadly and build multi-disciplinary research teams of the highest caliber.

SCI has multiple openings for tenured, tenure-stream, and non-tenure stream positions, in all areas of computing and information research and education. These positions offer exciting opportunities to be part of a new academic unit that aspires to be an international leader in agile and trans-disciplinary methods to solve problems and make discoveries of the greatest importance. Individuals will have the chance to play a leading role in shaping SCI’s teaching and research, which can act as a model for other universities to also transform themselves around computing and information. The University offers a Dual Career Assistance Program for couples seeking employment. Applications are strongly encouraged from both diverse faculty and dual career couples.

Professional Institute Positions

Master of Science (MS) in Intelligent Systems ProgramThe University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information is seeking leaders in the field of Cybersecurity to help launch a professional education program focused on providing working information professionals with cutting edge skills and knowledge in Information Security/Privacy and Enterprise Security Management.

Full-time and part-time positions are available for experienced security professionals to design a curriculum that addresses the technological, policy, legal, ethical, and criminal aspects of protecting data, systems, networks, and organizations. The institute will appeal to those who need to enhance/update their skills and competencies in:

  • Developing and securing enterprise and network systems
  • Preventing vulnerabilities, addressing threats, and stopping attacks
  • Penetration testing & incident response
  • Risk analysis, management and mitigation
  • Implementing secure e-commerce systems
  • Security management & digital forensics
  • Cybersecurity policy and privacy regulation
  • Ethics and policy in cyberspace
  • Cybercrime

Job responsibilities will include assisting the School of Computing and Information with course/curriculum design, evaluation, teaching, student recruitment, and corporate outreach. The anticipated start date is Summer 2018.

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