Internship Approval Guidelines

  • Students must have taken at least five information science courses
  • Have consent and approval of the Internship Coordinator
  • Complete the Undergrad Internship Application form
  • Have your employer complete the Undergrad Employer Internship Agreement (send them this link)
  • Once you have completed both the Undergrad Internship Application and the Employer Internship Agreement, you will need to request a permission code for the class using the SCI Permission Code System
  • Only one INFSCI internship will count for credit as an INFSCI capstone class requirement. Students who wish to complete a second INFSCI internship must contact their INFSCI advisor.

Student Performance Assessment

  • Students will be awarded 3 credits for a successfully completed internship
  • Students will not receive a letter grade for an internship (S/NC); this course will not affect students’ QPA
  • Students are required to submit two reports during their internships – one in the middle of the term and another one during finals week
  • At the midpoint of the term, students must complete the INFSCI 1720 Internship Report
  • At the end of the internship period, students must complete a final INFSCI 1720 Internship Report
  • At the end of the term, send your employer the Employer Internship Evaluation form (send them this link)

Internship Position Requirements

  • Internships can be paid or unpaid
  • minimum of 180 hours of work per semester
  • Must complete the internship in the term when you are registered for INFSCI 1720
  • Work duties/positions must be directly related to the information science and technology fields. Some examples of acceptable positions are:
    • Programmer / web developer / application developer
    • Database administrator
    • Data analyst
    • Business analyst
    • Project manager
    • Web designer
    • Technical liaison
    • Quality assurance/systems testing
  • The following duties/positions will not be accepted as valid internship positions:
    • Data entry
    • Filing
    • Document scanning
    • Help desk triage
    • Customer service


For more information about internships, please contact:
Jeff Lawson