Complete Your Thesis or Dissertation

Electronic Thesis Instructions and Deadlines

Graduate students who are publishing an electronic thesis as a part of a degree requirement must also submit all materials outlined in the After You Defend section of the ETD website.

  • Every item listed must be completed by the school’s ETD and Paperwork deadline or your graduation will be postponed to the following term.
  • The ETD Approval Form contains a checklist for students to follow – only pages 1-2 of the ETD Approval Form need to be submitted; the checklist is for the use of the student only. This form should be sent for signatures via DocuSign, with a completed copy submitted to the ETD Coordinator ( If you do not have DocuSign access through the University, you may either create a free account or reach out to your department/program administrator for assistance.
  • To pay the ETD processing fee:
    • Email with your name, student ID, and the fee amount.
    • The Student Payment Center will post the fee to PittPAY so you can pay it online.
    • PittPAY will email you a receipt that you can forward to the ETD Coordinator.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Deadlines

For thesis and dissertation authors only. Submit all materials outlined in the After You Defend section of the ETD website by the following deadlines:

  • Fall 2021 – December 10
  • Spring 2021 - April 27
  • Summer 2021 - August 3
  • Spring 2022 – April 27
  • Summer 2022 – August 4