Complete Your Thesis or Dissertation

Electronic Thesis Instructions

Graduate students who are publishing an electronic thesis as a part of a degree requirement must submit all materials outlined in the After You Defend section of the ETD website.

The ETD Coordinator will schedule a meeting with each doctoral student who applies graduate. In that meeting the student and coordinator will discuss:

  • Materials to submit by the ETD deadline (as outlined on the After You Defend section of the ETD website.)
  • Common mistakes to avoid when converting your dissertation to the ETD format
  • Expectations for the ETD formatting review and related corrections
  • Questions the student may have regarding the ETD submission process

ETD and Paperwork Deadlines

For thesis and dissertation authors only. Submit all materials outlined in the After You Defend section of the ETD website by the following deadlines:

  • Fall 2022 - December 1
  • Spring 2023 - April 24
  • Summer 2023 - August TBD

NOTE: Every item listed must be completed by the school’s ETD and Paperwork deadline or your graduation will be postponed to the following term.

After submitting your ETD and the related paperwork, the ETD Coordinator will review your materials. Once the review is complete, the ETD Coordinator will schedule a meeting with you to discuss necessary changes to your ETD, issues with or missing paperwork, and answer questions you may have regarding graduation and ETD publication.