Name Title Location Phone Number Email
Alexa Bakalarski Program Coordinator, Professional Institute Room 707A, IS Building 412-383-0862 Email
Mackenzie Ball Director of Outreach and Alumni Engagement 5815 Sennott Square 412-624-8422 Email
Brandi L Belleau Director of Academic Records Room 504, IS Building 412-648-3108 Email
Sharon Bindas Director of Human Resources and Administration Room 513, IS Building 412-624-5129 Email
Kristin Bushman Software Developer for the ADMT Lab 6412 Sennott Square 412-624-8850 Email
Ashley Christopherson Undergraduate Academic Advisor Room 722, IS Building 412-383-5784 Email
Larissa Ciuca Director of Student Success   412-383-7160 Email
Heidi Davis Assistant to the Chair, CS 6133 Sennott Square 412-624-8493 Email
Debbie Day Program Administrator, ICDS Room 605D, IS Building 412-624-9420 Email
Adam C. Hobaugh Tech Coordinator 6211 Sennott Square 412-624-8835 Email
Robert B. Hoffman Director of Operations 6205 Sennott Square 412-624-8404 Email
Corey James Financial Aid Coordinator Room 520, IS Building 412-624-9388 Email
Johnnie Johnson Research Software Engineer     Email
Ninette Kay Admissions Coordinator Room 506, IS Building 412-624-5146 Email
Rachel Kelly Director of Marketing and Communications Room 519, IS Building 412-624-3257 Email
Sung-Min Kim Database Systems Administrator Room 603, IS Building 412-383-8091 Email
Jeff Lawson Director of Community and Resource Development Room 509, IS Building 412-648-9739 Email
Matheus de Lima Barbosa Systems Administrator 6309 Sennott Square 412-624-8834 Email
Tomek Loboda Research Software Engineer     Email
Wesley Lipschultz Senior Director of Student and Academic Affairs Room 503, IS Building 412-624-9749 Email
Pat Markham Department Coordinator, DINS Room 706, IS Building 412-383-3480 Email
Danielle Minyo Recruiting and Admissions Specialist     Email
Trudy Newring Evans Budget & Payroll Specialist Room 517, IS Building 412-624-5239 Email
Rachel Parkes Acting Director of Advising Room 720B, IS Building 412-383-0646 Email
Kristine Pugliese Undergraduate Academic Advisor Room 619, IS Building 412-624-5820 Email
Oana Nicola-Stephan Executive Assistant to the Dean Room 516, IS Building 412-383-0657 Email
Shabana Reza Enrollment Manager Room 510, IS Building 412-624-3988 Email
Danielle Richardson Undergraduate Academic Advisor Room 720, IS Building 412-383-5783 Email
Julianna Rohac Undergraduate Recruitment Specialist     Email
Jace Schivins Systems Analyst Room 801, IS Building 412-624-7374 Email
Kelly Shaffer Department Manager, DINS Room 717, IS Building 412-624-9473 Email
Olena Sherbinin Data Architect Room 512, IS Building 412-624-9451 Email
Don Shields Associate Dean for External Relations 5401 Sennott Square 412-624-8120 Email
Alka Singh Director of Experiential Learning Room 507, IS Building 412-624-0879 Email
Molly Sorice Academic Records Specialist     Email
Heather Springel Budget and Finance Manager     Email
Trudy Stajduhar Senior Research Administrator 6127 Sennott Square 412-383-3274 Email
Mark Steggert Manager, Information Technology & Networking Room 811, IS Building 412-624-5168 Email
Terri Taylor Director of Development 123 Park Plaza 412-383-4517 Email
Michele L. Thomas ISP Coordinator 6129 Sennott Square 412-624-5755 Email
Keena M. Walker Department and Graduate Support Administrator 6117 Sennott Square 412-624-8495 Email
Marcy Walls Administrative Secretary Room 500, IS Building 412-624-9458 Email
Alex Weber Academic Administrator Room 505, IS Building 412-383-0648 Email
Jennifer Welton Director of Corporate Relations 5111 Sennott Square 412-624-8415 Email