Kai A. Olsen

  • Adjunct Professor

Professor Høgskolen i Molde (HSM), Molde University College
Professor II Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Bergen (UiB)
Adjunct professor Department of Information Science, University of Pittsburgh.

Representative Publications

Olsen, K. A, Malizia, A. (2011) Interfaces for ”dumb” users – can we hide too much?, accepted by Communications of the ACM.
Morris, C., Olsen, K.A. (2011) Democracy and Technology, IEEE Computer, April.
Olsen, K.A., Indredavik, B. (2011) A Proofreading Tool using Brute Force Techniques, accepted by IEEE Potentials.
Olsen, K.A., Fagerlie, E. (2011). Adaptive systems – a case for calculating Estimated Time of Arrival, IEEE Potentials, vol 30, no. 2.
Olsen, K.A. (2010). Programmed politeness, accepted by IEEE Computer.
Olsen, K.A., Indredavik, B. (2010) A semantic parser and proofreading tool for all languages based on a text repository, Norsk Informatikk Konferanse, Gjøvik, 22-24.11, Tapir forlag.
Olsen, K.A (2010). Two cases of bad Web usability: banking and employee self service, UniTech 2010, Oslo, Tapir forlag. (19.05)
Olsen, K.A (2010). Computing a better world, IEEE Computer, April.
Olsen, K.A., Malizia, A. (2010). Following Virtual Trails, IEEE Potentials. Volume 29, Issue 1.

Research Interests

Human-computer interaction: user interfaces, visual languages, visualization.
IT-strategy: system development, eBusiness
Logistics: customer-oriented production, generic products, variant handling, generic Bill of Material (BOM).