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Paul Munro
Paul Munro Associate Professor
Information Sciences Building, Room 711 412-624-9427


Institution of highest degree:
PhD, Brown University

Current CV

Research Interests

Connectionist systems; neural information processing; image processing; modeling and simulation; cognitive science; models of learning; visualization; genetic algorithms/artificial life.

All Publications

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Recent Publications

Udeigwe, LC and Munro, PW and Ermentrout, GB (2017) Emergent Dynamical Properties of the BCM Learning Rule. Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, 7 (1)

Peng, Yefei and Munro, Paul and Mao, Ming (2010) Ontology Mapping Neural Network: An Approach to Learning and Inferring Correspondences Among Ontologies. Proceedings of the 9th International Semantic Web Conference. pp. 65-68.
Munro, Paul (2010) Backpropagation. In: Encyclopedia of Machine Learning. Springer, pp. 73-75. ISBN 978-0-387-30164-8

P. Munro and Y. Peng (2009) Analogical Mapping and inference in overlapping networks. New Frontiers in Analogy Research. Kokinov, B., Holyoak, K., Gentner, D,. eds. New Bulgarian University Press.